Welcome to Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Online

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is a community of followers of Jesus. Our origins reach back 2000 years to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Our historical roots reach back to the 1500s when Martin Luther challenged certain common practices of the church of the day.

Our Saskatchewan and Regina presence was originally due to German Lutheran immigration to Saskatchewan after 1905 and after 1945. While predominantly of European origin, our congregation is now a Canadian mosaic with family stories drawn from all parts of the world. You might find yourself in some of those stories, or none of them. You might be just searching for a community who hears through the teachings of Jesus Christ that God is with us. Join us on Sundays for services in English or German.

Welcome, in Jesus' name.


ORDINARY TIME spans about one half of the church year, from the first Sunday after Pentecost Sunday until Christ the King Sunday the end of the church year either the last Sunday in November or the first Sunday in December.

In the first half of the church year, CHRISTMAS and EASTER the life and stories of Jesus' life have been the focus. Jesus' teachings would then emerge from his life. During ORDINARY TIME we focus on the teachings of Jesus themselves.