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Thank you for your interest in booking your wedding at Trinity! If you wish to celebrate your marriage at Trinity, there are two different ways to go about doing this.


One is to simply book the use of our sanctuary space, in which case you would make arrangements with your own faith leader to preside at your service. If you choose this option, we ask that you contact the  church office and share a little bit about yourself. Pastor Sarah may also reach out for a meeting with you or your faith leader. Please also contact the office, or consult our Facilities Use Guidelines for our suggested donations for the use of our sanctuary for your wedding.


Another option is to celebrate your marriage with Trinity’s Pastor presiding at the service. If you choose to explore this option, it begins with an opportunity to see if Trinity and Pastor Sarah are a good fit for you. Pastor Sarah will arrange to meet with both partners and see if you want to work with her to plan your big event. Following this initial meeting, if you continue with this process, you will also participate in a Marriage Preparation program with Pastor Sarah. This is a time for you to get to know each other, and to discuss some common issues related to marriage, as well as plan the service you both want for the start of your new married lives. You do not have to be from any particular religious background for Pastor Sarah to help you plan your marriage and preside at your wedding. Please be aware, though, that as a faith leader, Pastor Sarah cannot preside at a civil ceremony. The suggested honorarium for Pastor Sarah for both Marriage Preparation and planning and presiding at your wedding ceremony is $400, in addition to a donation for the facility use.


We do not want financial concerns to create a barrier to your planning, preparing for, and celebrating starting your marriage in a way that truly celebrates and blesses your new lives together. A church wedding is not simply a cheap alternative to a more popular venue. We are very eager to be a part of working with you as you plan the ceremony that begins your marriage. We are also very willing to respect and honour each couple’s unique financial circumstances, which is why we offer donation suggestions, rather than fees for services.


If either of these options appeal to you as you begin to plan your wedding, please contact Trinity’s office and start getting to know us!

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