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ON-LINE WORSHIP SERVICES- Posted on February 25, 2021

Sunday  Worship  services  can  be  viewed  online  at  Sundays  at  10:00  a.m.


Due  to  Covid-19  restrictions Trinity  Lutheran  Church  will  not  be  having  in-person worship  services.

TLC FOOD PANTRY- Posted on November 26, 2020



Trinity Lutheran Church is located in the inner-city of the Heritage neighbourhood in Regina. For a number of years Trinity has kept a cupboard of non-perishable food items on hand for when our neighbours come to us for help. We serve people in the community who just can’t make ends meet.  Some single individuals, but mostly parents and other family members who need help making sure the children they care for get enough to eat. With the COVID-19 pandemic the number of people accessing our food pantry increased exponentially.  The  church  established  The Trinity Lutheran  Food  Pantr y  (TLC  Pantry) in  response  to  this  increased  need.

  We  are  very  grateful  for  all  the  suppor t  from  individuals , churches  and  other  local  organizations.  However, people  needing  food  is  not  going  to  go  away  and  we  at  Trinity  Lutheran  would  like  to  continue  to  give  out our  daily  lunch  bag s  as  long  as  we  can.  Any  monetary  donation  is  very  appreciated.

We  offer   paper  bags  lunch  bags  that  contain  the  bare  minimum  of  enough  food  for  one  person  for  one  meal.  We  continue  to  hand  out  500  lunch  bags  per  week  -  120  lunch  bags  for  Mondays  and  100  lunch  bags each  day  Tuesday  thru  to  Friday.

Financial  contributions  can  be  done  by:

e-transfer  to  Please  indicate  that  the  gift  is  designated  to  our  food  pantry  and please  give  your  mailing  address.  Or

cheque  can  be  mailed  to T rinity  Lutheran  Church  1909  Ottawa  Street, Regina, SK  S4P  1P7

please  indicate  that  money  is  for  the  TLC  Pantry.

Thank you  for  your  time  and  your  consideration  in  helping  the  TLC  Pantry  during  this  unprecidented  time.



Trinity  Office

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS- Posted on January 08, 2020

The  Church  Office  is  open  TUESDAYS  to THURSDAYS

9:00  a.m  -  2:00  p.m.

However, during  this  time  please  call  the  office  before  you  arrive  a s  our  hours  may  not  be  consistent  and  we want  to  make  sure  someone  is  at  the  church  to  greet  you.